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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fox: Creators of News?

Do media now, in addition to reporting the news, create it? At least part of the fourth estate has now gone completely off the deep end. Fox News a. k .a Fixed News, actually promoted yesterdays so called tea parties. It seems they did an outstanding job, since most of the people who tried to count the number of protesters that actually showed up yesterday say there were about 26,000. There are a few million over 300 million people in the United States, you do the math. Also, from what I have read, the collective I.Q of the people protesting wasn't high enough to buy a cup of coffee if converted into money. The blowhards at Fixed News will do anything to take President Obama down a few notches, every chance they get but, to create the news, goes beyond the pale. I am quite sure that someone like the great news man Edward R. Murrow, would be completely livid if he were alive to see the travesty that we call news in this country today. Let's face it people, there is no news, only entertainment.

Ted Turner had a wonderful idea back in the 70's, to create a 24 hour news channel and he created the Cable News Network. For a long time he had the only news network on the air that one could turn on anytime and get the latest news. It was great! And, it was actual news. But ever since Fixed News has come on the scene, news is not news anymore. They have perverted news into entertainment, opinion, sophistry and outright propaganda. And now, to top all that, they are creating news. It is a well known fact that Fixed news is anything but what their slogan says they are, "Fair and Balanced." If people didn't believe that before, maybe they will now.

I am concerned about our future as a democratic republic. History tells us it takes well informed citizens to make good choices at the ballot box. How can we make good choices when our news comes from sources such as this? It appears that the Internet is our only hope, and I intend to do my part to expose the lies and propaganda from sources such as Fox (Fixed) News.



del patterson said...

Think about this for just a minute:
Walk into any cafe, bar, or work-out facility and the tv will always be tuned to Fox. I have told proprietors that I think it's inappropriate but they just laugh. The point is that Fox is working on the subtle (just keep the boxes turned to us is what the network drives home to the franchises,) and, of course, they get their "unfair/unbalanced" point across.

Thunter said...

Del you are so right. I went to one of my favorite restaurants here in Atlanta that just happens to be part of a chain that is based in Atlanta. They had the TV on Fox and I didn't like it. It really bothers me in a completely different way because CNN is from Atlanta. Anyway, I didn't say anything to the management of the store, I sent an email to the corporate office. They thanked me for my concern and said they didn't have any control over what was played in an individual store. However, the next time I went there, I noticed they had the TV tuned to CNN. I have also noticed since, even at other stores, the TV is on CNN. But even here in Atlanta, most every place that has a TV is tuned to Fox. I really wouldn't be surprised to learn that Murdock pays them to do this. Where I work, we have TVs in the break rooms and in the cafeteria, and they are all tuned to Fox. They do change the channel about once a month to CNN or the Weather Channel, but it's not done on a "Fair and Balanced" basis. I complained to one of the guys in Admin Svcs and was told my opinion didn't count. I later found out the guy I talked with is an ultra conservative. I am working on getting something done about this, but one doesn't want to stick one's neck out to far at work.

Joseph M. Fasciana said...

Hello My Friend,

If the current trend of people in the political middle keeps increasing the fox variety show will begin to see a decrease in their ratings. I think this trend has already began. People are getting tired of being warned and threatened by a news channel, at some point even a broken clock gets the time right twice a day. What I'm trying to convey is that even the not so bright folk of this country are beginning to see the light, but it takes time. Keep in mind that there will always be a base of dumb asses that will listen to nothing but fox and limbo and the likes and sadly that will never change.



Thunter said...

Hey Joseph, love your comment, just hope that you are right. Would love to see Fixed News go away, very far away, like maybe out of existence.

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