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Monday, November 3, 2008

Tomorrow is the day!

It is now down to the last day before the election for the Forty-Fourth President of the United States of America. Although it has been a long campaign with at least one candidate actively seeking the post for twenty-one months, the end is now very near. It is my sincere hope that this election will not be marred by the awful problems of the last two presidential elections.

How is it, that the heretofore shining example of democracy for all the world to see has become as bad with running elections as some third-world countries? I am sure that the founding fathers of this nation would be very ashamed of what has become of their vision of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Of course, one could debate how they would see this election. When the constitution was first written, the only people who could vote were white male property owners. Some of those very white male property owners also owned human property, in the form of black slaves. It took some sixty more years for a divided union to fight a civil war to abolish slavery. There then had to be constitutional amendments passed to give former slaves the right to vote. Even then, blacks could only vote in some states. Women had to wait for another thirty years before they slowly started to get the right to vote. Blacks didn't totally get it until the mid 20th century as result of the civil rights movement. Since several of the founders owned slaves and also believed that a woman's place was at her husband's side and to obey him in all things, what would they think about this election. In this election we have a half-black man, who in the primaries ran against a white women, and who is now in the general election running against a white man and a white woman.

I am not sure what the founders would think, but maybe, even with all our problems with elections, just because of the people running in this election, it shows just how far we have come. Maybe it shows that if we can elect a half-black man president of the United States, then we can fix the other problems that have been prevalent in the last two presidential elections and show the world once again that "WE" are the shining example of democracy they should aspire too. I know they will be watching.

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Joseph M. Fasciana said...

Nice post, I agree with the whole theme it would be something if we could change certain things politically speaking. I just feel so darn cynical after the last 8 years and not one person stepped up to the plate to defend the honor of our country, the American way has gone astray. I remember when I was a kid and Ike was the prez. and I remember asking my dad questions about politics and he would tell me ahhh, its all fixed (elections)(football games)(basketball games) to him everything was fixed or the fix was in as he would say. I used to tell him he was crazy they cant fix things like that, well well well dad has been gone for 12 years now but as I was always told listen to you parents. Looks like he was right after all.



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