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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One Week to Go!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008, one week before the most important election of our time, and possibly any other. I did my civic duty today and went to vote. The line here in Georgia was long, but not quite as long as I thought it would be, it only took me one hour and 40 minutes to vote. It was cold standing in line, but when I finally got to the machine and registered my vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden, I felt joyful. Back in 2004 when Barack came on the stage and gave his now historical speech at the Democratic Convention, I remember thinking to myself how nice it would be if he would run for president. His ideas were so fresh and so heartfelt, I just knew this guy would make a great leader. At the time it was a dream that likely would never happen, but now, with one week left and the polls saying he is going to win, it's a dream that just might come true. If this dream does in fact become reality, I for one will weep for joy. Finally, a real leader, with fresh ideas and the persistence and intellect to make them happen. Finally, a leader who represents my ideals and morals instead of the right's continuous spin of fear, uncertainty and doubt. Finally, a leader who cares about the middle class and not how rich he can make his friends. Finally, a constitutional scholar in the White House, instead of a fake cowboy from Connecticut who thinks he is from Texas. And finally, a true Democrat, "big D", living and working for us, the everyday people who don't make millions of dollars a minute and who have to struggle to live from paycheck to paycheck. Yes, I will weep with joy!

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Mark Bruno said...

Fantastic post. With Obama in office I truly believe we'll finally have someone in command with the ability to actually get things done, and repair the damage done to this country.

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