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Monday, November 10, 2008

Fly on the Wall

Oh to have been a fly on the wall today when Bush and Obama met at the White House, in the Oval Office. I can just imagine what was discussed. A friend and I were talking about it at lunch today and agreed that it would be mostly Obama telling Bush what he wants to do and Bush not understanding most of the list. And if the dumb cowboy persona is just an act, which I doubt, then maybe, just maybe Bush learned something from the visit. That is, if he has an open mind, which I also doubt.

The fact that we are seventy days away from inauguration day, an interminable amount of time, weighs heavy on my patience, especially after dealing with eight long years of "The Cowboy President," I am filled with hope that Obama will be the great president I know he can. Watching his first press conference on the tv the other day, it was so nice to see someone in control of the press room and seemed to actually know what he was doing and where he was during the time. I remember the first Bush press conference I saw, it was pitiful and would have been funny if I hadn't known what it meant to the future of our great nation.

Well, I suppose I should stop there before I say something that might get me disappeared, after all, there is still seventy days to go before we get our country back.

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