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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Very Last Debate

It's now over, the very last debate of this political season. As in the last two debates between Obama and McCain, Obama was extremely cool and calm. He answered the questions that were given him with thoughtfulness and alacrity that one would expect from a well educated individual. This debate, however, was much more entertaining than the previous two between the presidential candidates. The moderator, Bob Schieffer of CBS News, was better than all the other moderators we have had in these debates. He didn't interfere with the free flow of debate between the candidates, but was able to keep the time well within the parameters setup by the campaigns. All of the previous debates went over the time alloted by several minutes, Schieffer kept it almost right on. McCain, as he has done in all the debates, tried to use more time on every question than was alloted, but Schieffer cut him off every time. Just as a comparison, Tom Brokaw was not able to reign in McCain at all on the last debate and let him run over many times.

There was one very big difference in McCain tonight that hasn't been seen so far in any debate, he actually acted like he doesn't hate Obama and looked at him during the debate. In the other instances, he acted as if he didn't believe Obama was fit to be in the same room as him, that was missing tonight. He started off very confident and seemed to be enjoying himself, but about 30 minutes into it, he got frustrated again and showed his true colors as he has in every other instance. The facial expressions say it all.

Verdict: As objective as I can be
Obama 75
McCain 25


Mr. Bumble said...

Very well done! You are very articulate and well spoken; furthermore your analysis is spot on in every case. I have traditionally been of a generally conservative mindset, but I agree with you: Obama is the better candidate. I believe that he will be capable in a crisis of leveraging the experience of those surrounding him, and then after careful consideration, selecting the best option. Keep up the great writing.

Free Music said...

you are very articulate person

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