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Monday, October 20, 2008

Collin Powell and Other Endorsements

There is a lot of talk in the media that endorsements don't really help or hurt a candidate. I however believe that major newspapers still have some sway over their readers and certain individuals are either in positions or are so well known and liked, they can also influence people. Several big city newspapers have come out in support of Barack Obama, including the Chicago Tribune, which has never endorsed a Democrat in the one hundred and forty-four years of it's history. Other papers of note, some of which are very conservative, such as the Salt Lake City paper, and the Denver paper have endorsed Obama. And, I noticed today that the good ole Atlanta Journal-Constitution did as well. Of course lets not forget the biggies, the LA Times, which usually doesn't endorse anyone, the New York Times and the Washington Post. All of these endorsements, in my opinion, cannot help but increase Obama's chances on November fourth. Usually the editorial staff of the papers do the endorsing, and it can't be easy to get these people to agree on anything. Most of these papers have been saying that one of the main reasons they are not supporting McCain is because of his choice for running mate.

Collin Powell, a stauch Republican and Chairman of the Joint Cheifs of Staff under Bush 41, also Secretary of State under the first term of Bush 43, until he resigned, spoke on Meet the Press yesterday and also endorsed Obama. Mr. Powell also sited McCain's pick as one of the reasons he did not endorse Senator McCain. The press has called John McCain a "maverick", well it's my opinion that this is one time his irratic behavior will hurt him. Even Gordon Brown, Tony Blair's replacement as Prime Minister of Great Britain endorsed Obama. With two weeks left in the election it's nice to have all these endorsements and irregardless of what the press says, I think it's a good thing and will help Senator Barack Obama become the Forty-Fourth President of the United States of America.


India said...

Even if you don't like one party or the other everyone will have to admit something has to give....this country is in a fine mess. We need somebody to do something different, and you can take that to the bank (or the defunked stock market) my friend! I think even Joe the plumber would agree with me!

Mr. Bumble said...

Good thoughts! McCain choosing Palin drew a good number of people who were wavering back out into the middle, but now after more consideration, many of them are deciding for Obama. Even on minor things Obama stands out; let's see about their younger years, beauty pagents or being president of the Harvard Law Review...tough one. Palin is not qualified to be President and with McCain's age and health she will be facing the prospect. We have had relatively young Presidents in the past but they all had a lot more under their belts than Palin (read Teddy Roosevelt's bio or JFK for that matter and compare it to hers). Keep up the great work.

Mr. Bumble said...

Here's an oldie but a goodie...I'm certain that you've already seen this video on McCain's famous temper, but just in case...

Thunter said...

Thanks very much for the comments from both Mr. Bumble and from India!
I have actually seen this video about McCain's temper and read in a column from Rolling Stone magazine that when he was a child he would hold his breath until he passed out when he was angry and his parents would have to throw him in a bath of freezing cold water to wake him. Like the guy said in the last part of the video, I wouldn't want him holding the button!

Free Music said...

Mccain is really bad candidate

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