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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Palin: The Next President?

It has been a wild ride since John McCain advised us of his pick for Vice Presidential running mate. Being a newcomer on the seen and virtually unknown, Sarah Palin enjoyed a brief moment of media and public shock, but that is now over. She has had interviews with Charlie Gibson of ABC where she informed us that she can see Russia from her state and therefore is qualified in foreign affairs, and she interviewed with Katie Couric of CBS and informed us that she isn't able to name any newspapers or magazines that she reads or any Supreme Court cases other than Roe vs Wade. All of this tells me that she is woefully unqualified to be Vice President of the only remaining Super Power in the World. If John McCain is elected and anything happens to him after the election, this woman, who has no qualifications whatsoever to be Vice President will become President.

Tonight I am watching a documentary on the Cuban Missile Crisis. Some people reading this blog, including me, do not remember when this happened in October of 1962. For twelve days there was a nuclear weapons stand off between the U. S. and the Soviet Union over nuclear missiles being placed in Cuba, eighty miles off the coast of Florida. President John F. Kennedy was able to avert a nuclear war with the Soviet Union. While watching the documentary, I am reflecting on what would happen in the event Sarah Palin is our President and a crisis of this magnitude were to occur; I shudder to think how she would handle such a crisis. For the past eight years, we have had a President who is not qualified and less than a year after he was elected we were attacked by terrorists, then a few years later, we had an entire city be destroyed by a hurricane and in both cases, he proved that he was not qualified to be our President. So what would happen if next time, the crisis is worse?

John McCain has melanoma and has only released his medical records for three hours to the press, with none of the pages numbered, to make it hard to put together any real picture of his actual state of health. Only one doctor was allowed to look at those records and that was Dr. Sanjay Gupta from CNN. He was not able to piece together the diagnosis. He said its either stage 2A or 3B. Both of these have bad prognosis and not much chance for someone afflicted to survive for very long. John McCain knows this and is purposely hiding his medical records from the American people. As I have said before, he is obsessed with being President and will do anything to be elected. So, if he is elected, there is a very good chance he will not survive, and then Sarah Palin would be President. I hope the American people do not let this happen because we may not survive the next crisis.

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