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Friday, September 25, 2009

Senator Sherrod Brown: Rahm Emanuel is “wrong” on Senate votes for the Public Option

Tonight, via TPM, we learn that Senator Sherrod Brown said Rahm is "wrong":
Emanuel is "wrong, because of this: Not every Democrat right now would prefer the public option in the Senate ... but no Democrat in the end is going to vote against a procedural question to kill the health care bill," [Senator Brown] said.

"The 60 Democrats will stay together on procedural questions and then, on final passage, some may vote against it because it's got a public option. But I don't see that," he said. Brown added that at least 50 Democrats in the Senate support the public option.
It seems that Brown is listening to public opinion more than Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff is when he states, "I believe that when I see surveys like 70% of Americans doctors, a recent Robert Wood Johnson survey, support the public option, I think the President supports it, he continues to advocate for it. I think an overwhelming majority of Democrats in the House and Senate support it. I expect that come October or November, December at the latest, when we send a bill, a healthcare bill to President Obama's, to put it on his desk, I sincerely believe it will include a strong public option."

I hope Senator Brown is right, it is time for this country to stop letting the health insurance industry dictate our health care options and continue to kill thousands of people a year because of their greed!


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