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Friday, September 4, 2009

Fire Glen Beck Now!

It is time for Glen Beck to leave the airways! This guy is truly insane. Fifty-seven advertisers have now said to Fox News, we don't want our ads on his show. He is a racist, a bigot, a homophobe, and the most undeniably hatemongering ideologue on television and is a danger to society. He is, in my opinion, just plain nuts. I read that one time he even poured gasoline on someone to illustrate that Obama is trying to burn the American people at the stake. I also read that it was not really gasoline, but who knows, this guy is truly certifiable.

The really sick thing about this guy is that despite the advertisers pulling their ads from his program, he gets even more popular. His ratings are actually going up! Like Hannity and Limbaugh, the more controversial he becomes the more people tune in. We as progressives can complain and boycott advertisers, but it really doesn't do any good. Meanwhile, he gets even crazier every day. And the more people watch, the more they start to believe the lies that he spews from his pie hole.

People are so gullible; they believe what they hear and read, no matter how crazy sounding it may be, if it is packaged with extreme antics, the more likely they are to believe. And since our news is packaged as entertainment by corporations that are only in the news business to make money, they rely on ratings. The more people watch, the more advertising dollars they get, and consequently, the more money they make. So, even though Glen Beck is arguably insane and possibly suicidal, he stays on the air because he makes Fox News more money. One would think that the many advertisers that have pulled their ads from his show would make Fox News fire him, but just the opposite happens. The controversy he causes by losing advertisers gives Fox News free advertising from the whole entertainment spectrum. People love to watch a train wreck.

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