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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Health Care Reform Lies

I really don't like to re-hash things that I have already talked about on my blog, but this is something vital to our well-being as a nation, of course, I am talking about health care reform. Over the past couple of weeks I have been reading and listening to all the debate going on concerning this subject and have come to some conclusions. The majority of Americans get their news from television, and television media only says what their corporate bosses tell them to say. Newspapers are not much better, with very few of them willing to go against the corporate masters that put advertising in their papers. So, this leaves radio and the internet. Somehow, the internet has remained out of the corporate domain far enough to be the only real source of information one can believe in, other than those few brave liberal radio hosts that speak "truth to power."

One must realize the insurance companies and big pharma are not going to just let Congress support a government sponsored public option without a fight. They have known this was coming for years now and are prepared to spend billions to keep it from happening. They are afraid of the competition. They are already selling lies to the American people to squash support of a public option. You have heard the lies; "You don't want a government bureaucrat standing between you and your doctor." Of course, you have an insurance company between you and your doctor now, if you are lucky enough to have insurance. Or here is another one, "There are long lines in Canada to get medical care even if you have an emergency." This particular one is laughable, especially since there are lots of people in Canada who are trying to help us get single-payer health care, like they have, talking to newspapers and radio and on the internet, telling us that the insurance companies are lying to us. And here is another good one, "We in the United States have the best health care in the world." According to the World Health Organization, we are 37th in the world in health care. The real facts are that their are 37 industrialized countries in the world that offer health care to their citizens through single-payer or something similar and all of them but one have better health care than we do; another lie exposed.

The fact is my friends, we are going to have a very tough fight over the next couple of months and it's going to take commitment from all of us who care about the right of health care for ourselves and our families and the millions who are not covered by health insurance today. We absolutely need a single-payer health care system in the country and if we can't get that, then we need a public option run by the government. If we don't get it soon, for-profit health care will take us all to the poor house.

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