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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Same Ole Story

One would think that people would get tired of hearing the same ole story from the GOP, but as the alternative budget, from the Republicans that came out today proved once more, all they care about is the rich people, there are still people who believe that the GOP will save this country; what a joke! By all means, let's give all those rich, fat cats from Wall Street even more money and help out normal everyday citizens by giving them nothing. Let's drop the top tax rate down to 25% and give the rich a 10% tax break, while at the same time, give a person that makes $25000 nothing. That sounds like a fantastic idea! I just don't understand why President Obama and the Democrats can't see what a brilliant plan this is and how it will make things so much better. Oh, and while we are at it, let's freeze discretionary spending in the budget for 5 years and plunge the nation and the world into a horrible depression that we may never escape. Absolutely Brilliant! It totally amazes me how these people got voted out of office! We must have been temporarily insane to vote for the Democrats and Barack Obama! I mean, it's an honor and a privilege to pay a much larger chunk of my money to the government than these guys that make millions. Don't they need the money to invest so that the country will grow and then the money will trickle down to the less fortunate? Hasn't this been what the Republicans have been saying for 28 years? Isn't this what helped to get us into the mess we are in now? Nah, it couldn't be. The GOP is full of such altruistic souls and they would never do such a thing to the American People!

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