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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's the Economy, Stupid!!!

What looks to be the biggest issue in this campaign is the economy. With big financial institutions like Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns going belly up, not to mention one of the biggest insurance companies in the world has to be baled out by the Federal Reserve. Now Wall Street has two days in one week of loses over 400. This issue will now be the main focus of the rest of the campaign on both sides. What is really interesting though, and what you probably won't hear on the main stream media, is that the guy most responsible for the economic meltdown that we are having is Phil Gramm, former Texas Senator and John McCain's head economic advisor. Back in 1999, he and the republicans that were in power at the time, decided to try and kill one of the few remaining leftover regulations that were setup in Franklin Roosevelt's new deal. Of course, the republicans have hated the new deal legislation ever since it was first passed. I mean, don't you remember when George W. Bush tried to change Social Security into a savings account system run by Wall Street. Of course, if he had succeeded, then a lot of older people would really be hurting right now. John McCain has said he wants to do the same thing with Social Security that "W" tried to do. He obviously forgets that when "W" tried to do it, the american people almost lynched him. We stood up and yelled, NO, LEAVE IT ALONE!!! But, he like most republicans, think that the American people are just plain dumb. Here is an article on the chief architect of our current financial crises. Please click this link.

What I am trying to say here is, we can't trust the guys who broke the economy to fix the economy. So, when you go to vote in less than 50 days remember, republicans don't understand; It's the economy, stupid!!!

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