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Saturday, September 27, 2008

First Debate in the Books

Well, the first presidential debate of this election cycle is in the history books. It was scheduled for an hour and a half and went an hour and 36 minutes. Overall, Obama did very well, considering this debate was mostly about foreign policy, which all the pundits say Obama is not as good at as McCain. Of course, these are pundits; Obama is not week on foreign policy, anymore than he is weak on the economy. But seriously, Obama did much better than McCain. He was very presidential, he thought about his answers and took time to answer them as thoroughly as possible. McCain never once looked Obama in the eye; one could tell he was clearly agitated several times. McCain acted like he was too good for Obama to talk to him. It was sort of disturbing to me. I do believe that the next debate we will not hear Obama say McCain is right about things. According to MSNBC he did this 5 times tonight. I am sure his campaign people will keep that from happening next time.

Next week we have the Vice-Presidential Debate on Oct, 2nd. This of course, depends on if Sarah Palin is still in the race, a very prominent conservative called for her resignation today.

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