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Friday, June 25, 2010

Maybe We Should Learn to Listen

Many people are disappointed because they don't believe that the president is doing what he promised in his campaign. When he was campaigning he told everyone that he was a moderate, but people all over the United States did not believe him. The people on my side, liberal/progressive heard "I will fix all the bad things that Bush/Cheney did for 8 years and make America the Center-Left Nation it is again. The people on the other side conservative/libertarian heard "I am so liberal and progressive that I will take away your guns, I will take all the money from the rich and give it to the poor, and I will be your worst nightmare. Obviously, neither side listened to him at all; they only heard what they wanted to hear.

The crises created by Bush/Cheney et al, called for a president such as Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the kind of man that has bags of charisma and a kick butt attitude, the kind of man who rolls up his sleeves and makes things happen. What we got was an academic like Woodrow Wilson. Wilson was a former university president and Obama was a constitutional law professor. Academics tend to study a situation and then make a decision. Obama is such a good speaker he made people believe that he was more like Roosevelt when in fact, he wasn't. He has a lot of good ideas and at some other time in history maybe he would have been much better, but at this time, with all these problems we have, we need more doing and less studying.

I think a lot of the things that should have already been done by Obama have been put on the back burner while he tries to get his agenda done. Once that is finished, I am hopeful we will see some of the fascist ideology, put into practice by Bush/Cheney and the Neo-Cons reversed. The big problem is that we have the "party of no" in the Senate that is blocking everything he is trying to do just because they lost. Basically, it appears that the order has been given out by the Republican leadership in the Senate to block every piece of legislation that is put on the floor by the Democrats. A democracy cannot function when an entire party becomes completely uncompromising.

Of late, the president has started to roll up his sleeves and get tougher and I am happy to see this as I am sure that many of you are as well. We will just have to see if he continues on this course and if it is not too late to ruin his chances for another term. We can rely on the Republicans to do everything they can to knock him down and keep him from doing his job to the best of his ability. We should be supportive of our president and help him to beat the Republicans.

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