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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thoughts on Current Issues

The latest polls I have seen show President Obama with a 53% approval rating. It seems, despite all the Republican lying and efforts to undermine his administration, the American people are not listening. With Republicans controlling 90% of the media, I find this fortunate and have hope for the future. The Republicans in the Senate continue to be obstructionist despite the president reaching out to them more than ever since the State of the Union address. I find it difficult to understand how he could continue to try and work with them knowing what they are doing trying to make him look bad at every opportunity.

Democrats in the Senate really need to step up now and help the president get his agenda through Congress. There is no possible way to clean up the mess of the previous administration in one year and the American people seem to realize this, but I am not sure what will happen in the mid-term elections if things don't start moving more quickly through the Senate. The electorate has never shown a liking for partisanship. I fear if they don't change things and quickly there will be a blood bath come November. If this happens, of course, the Republicans will get more seats and possibly wrestle control of the Senate and then none of the president's agenda will get through. Please call or write your Congressmen and let them know that we need them to get on with the people's business and stop all the partisanship in the Congress now.


Steve said...

You say that Republicans control 90% of the media, but what is your source for this? Or is this just your estimate?

Thunter said...

Thanks for your comment! I hope you enjoy my blog. I haven't been writing much lately but plan to do better in the future. Here is a link of where I got my information. Also, in addition to this, there is a chart on that shows how 6 big corporations own television news.

Steve said...

Thanks for the link. I feel compelled to point out that in your post you said Republicans control 90% of the media, while the report (by a left-leaning group) addresses only talk-radio, which makes up a very small piece of the "media" pie. Ultimately it is the free market that will determine which voices are heard. Most people, and studies, acknowledge that CNN, MSNBC, and the big 3 networks are left-leaning, as are most major-market newspapers. Several polls/studies over the last couple of decades reveal that liberal journalists outnumber conservatives by three- or four-to-one. Foxnews clobbers the other news networks in the ratings, and newspaper subscriptions are constantly declining (granted, in larger part due to internet news sources). The people are sending a message to the left, but it probably won't be heard until November.

Thunter said...


Thanks for your more recent comment. However, I have to disagree with your conclusions. I believe it is the republicans who are being sent a message. The only reason that Fox News has the ratings it does is because it is basically the National Inquirer on Television. People love a circus, this is why reality shows do so well. News can be pretty dry but Fox turns it into a circus with all their lying and antics and people soak it up. I also believe that Fox News is a fad and will not last, eventually people will get tired of their circus and move to another. Let's see what happens!

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