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Friday, July 10, 2009

Once again, no Universal Healthcare

Once again, it appears that even after 54 years of trying, we will not be getting Universal Healthcare in this country. The big insurance companies, big Pharma and the AMA will once again win. It doesn't matter that 72% of the country supports some form of a public option, the corporations with all the money will win because Congress doesn't have the guts to stand up to them. Democrats in Congress are not pushing hard enough to get the bill through and Republicans are, as usual, being complete obstructionist and voting no. We might have had a chance with someone like Lyndon Johnson being Senate Majority Leader, but with Harry Reid, we will not see what we want to see in this Congress. The House seems ready to support the kind of bill that is needed to bring about true healthcare reform, but the Senate is dragging their collective feet.

There is a lot of misinformation out there in the public arena, statements like we don't want government standing between us and our doctor. This is ludicrous because now we have big insurance companies standing between us and our doctors. Companies that look for ways to overcharge us on our insurance and any way they can find to drop us if they have to pay out too much money and companies that won't even accept us as policyholders with certain pre-existing conditions and charge exorbitant rates when they do insure us. Many people can only get health insurance through their employers and if they either leave their job or get laid off, they lose their health insurance. There are the 47 million uninsured in this country that can't afford insurance, or don't have it offered at their place of employment, etc… This is a travesty; the most powerful and richest nation in the world does not take care of its citizenry. Healthcare is a right of every human being in this world and we should demand that our government provide it for us.

It is my opinion there will probably never be Public Healthcare in this country. The only way it could possibly happen is to change the way our political system works. We must enact public funding for elections to keep out money from big corporations, and we must also disallow them the right to lobby Congress. This is the only way that the 72% of us that want a government run program for healthcare will get our wish.


Matt Wion said...

You get to the heart of the matter here. We need "Clean elections." Public Funding for Campaigns will grealy diminish the influence of big corporations on government. This is the only way we can get democracy into government, at present we clearly have an oligarchy.

Well said.

Thunter said...

Thanks for the comment Matt! Of course, the problem would be to get Congress to put such a bill through. I am not quite sure we will ever get to that point.

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