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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mr. Obama

Tonight I want to talk about the President. I believe, so far, that Mr. Obama is doing a great job! It's sort of disturbing to me when I hear people on the radio and read in blogs that people are expecting him to be perfect. Even during good times, Washington is a hard place to get anything done, so when there are bad times, as there are now, it's doubly hard to get things passed through Congress. For the first time in my life, we have a President who goes out of his way to try to be inclusive and respects other people's views. It's rather refreshing really, especially after what we were put through the last eight years. He has enjoyed between 60 and 70 percent approval in the polls since he has been in office, so obviously, I am not the only one who believes he is doing a good job.

I am quite disturbed on the matter of Dick Cheney. This guy has been extremely outspoken in his criticism of the President. Protocol dictates that former presidents and vice presidents are supposed to keep their opinions to themselves, but he is determined to undermine this administration anyway he can. Of course, this goes along with what he did during the last eight years. The guy is a coward and a fear monger. He is so scared of what is going to happen to him if the truth totally comes out and the American people force the President and Congress to prosecute him for war crimes. I truly believe he is trying to save his own ass; worse is that his daughter is out there helping him. I blame the media for giving him a platform to spew his fear mongering and hatred.

Mr. Obama campaigned on working to make changes in Washington. In the atmosphere of complete and utter contempt that the Republicans seem to hold him, which in my opinion is more racist than policy based, it is a testament to his leadership that he goes out of his way to include them on anything. As I have stated before, they are now the "party of no." They don't try at all to work with him on any of his proposals and have tried to block him on everything since he was inaugurated. The other day the minority leader, John Boehner said the honeymoon is over, there never was a honeymoon.

Despite the "party of no," Mr. Obama is getting things done and proving all of the things that were said about him during the campaign to be total lies. He is not a Muslim, nor is he the antichrist, nor will he take this country down a path of liberalism where people will marry dogs and sex and perversion will be the norm. Obviously the Republicans and the radical Christian right have been proven to be liars, bigots and racists.

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