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Monday, February 9, 2009


Alright, I have heard of partisan politics but this is ridiculous! It was announced this afternoon that a total of three Republican Senators are supporting the massive stimulus package put to Congress by the Administration of President Obama, and this coming after last week's House vote when no Republicans voted for the bill. What is the deal here? What are they trying to do? Do they not realize that their collective asses were handed to them on a platter in the last election and that if the keep this up, then it will be even worse in the next mid-term election cycle? If the President manages to get the bill passed through the Congress and then signed into law, and if the stimulus manages to help the economy, then the Republicans will be forced out of power for the next fifty years! But still they parade through the hallowed halls of the Capital Building like male peacocks trying to win a mate, acting like they are still the party in power. They are still trying to use the same ole tired arguments that trickle- down economics is the best policy, even though it is one of the causes of the economic meltdown we are experiencing now. "Give more tax breaks to the wealthy", they say, over and over till we are completely tired of their diatribe. The President has said that we are not going down that road again and even if the Republicans refuse to budge, he is going to get his way, it seems. Since Rush Limbaugh is now the de facto leader of the Republican party, then I guess we should just let them be led off a cliff by him and let it be done with.

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