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Thursday, January 15, 2009


There has been a lot of talk lately on progressive radio as to whether or not Bush, Cheney and the whole cabal should be brought up on charges for the laws they have broken during Bush's administration. I have a few thoughts: First of all, this is a nation of laws, not men. It was founded on the principal that all people could live in peace and harmony, with freedom and happiness, but the only way to accomplish this, was to setup a set of laws for the nation. In 1787, the Constitution was written and subsequently ratified by all the states except Rhode Island. This being a 2/3 majority, it became the document from which all laws after have been derived. There is considerable evidence that members of the Bush administration have broken numerous laws and even statutes from the great document itself. Now, if we are a nation of laws, then it stands to reason that in order to remain a nation of laws, we can't let someone escape from justice if they are guilty of the alleged crimes they are said to have committed. And even if they are not guilty, the law demands that we ascertain their guilt or innocence. Too often people in power don't find themselves held accountable for their actions due to political considerations. I believe this situation transcends politics and demands justice. If we allow the alleged crimes to not be investigated, then sometime soon, a new president and administration will come along and do things that could even be worse and assume that since the Bush administration got away with it, so will they. It is extremely important that we pursue investigation of the alleged crimes and that we do it in a timely fashion. After all, let's not forget that a few years back a president was impeached for lying about having sex. The alleged crimes of the Bush administration are far worse and demand careful investigation. The results of inaction could be completely unimaginable.


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